525x Astrolon Handheld Telescope (122cm)

Product Code: TS771
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Price: Rs. 14,800 Rs. 13,320
525x Astrolon Telescope
  • 122cm Alumunium Tripod
  • Precision Control System
  • Platform Looking Lever (Release Telescope body for hand Carrying)
  • Pan-handle (Control hte vertical movement of telescope)
  • Panning lock nut (Control rotation movement of telescope)
  • Arm guide lock
  • diagonal viewer
  • Acessory Tray
  • Space Map
  • Instruction Manual
  • Objective Lens 70mm
  • Focal Length 700mm
  • 31.7mm Eye piece 4mm, 9mm, 12.5mm, 20mm
  • Barlow Lens 3x 
  • Erecting Eyepiece 1.5x
  • Finderscope6x25mm
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