Energy Learning Kit

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This kit has been designed to arouse children's interest in science, and to get them involved in nature and their surroundings, and to stimulate their natural desire to question and experiment.
Experiment Categories
Energy and You Chemical Energy
Electricity Heat
Electric Circuits Temperature and Heat
How to assemble your Galvanometer Food and Calories
Static Electricity The Sun's Energy
Electrochemistry Atomic Energy
Chemical Experiments Electricity from the Sun
Electrolysis Rusting

Balloon Calcium Hydroxide Flashlight bulb Motor
Battery Holder Candle Holder Fexible Tubing Pulley
Brass Electrode Chassis Funnel Safety Goggles
Carbon Electrode Crane Arm Glass Cutter Sodium Hydrogen carbonate
Copper Electrode Drinking straw Latex tubes and strips Solar Cell
Galvanised iron electrode Enamelled wire Magnet Test tubes
Zinc Electrode Dropper Magnifying Glass Wires
Burning pan Filter paper Marble Instructions Manual
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