Hydro Lab learning Kit

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Hydro Lab Learning Kit
Complete greenhouse system for cultivating plants and vegetables in an “indoor” environment, without soil, using a modern Hydroponics system. The kit comes with a base, adjustable translucent observation cover, four growing trays, fertilizer tank, safe chemicals and bedding for propagating the growth of plants.

Make your own Hydro lab and observe your little seeds  turning into beautiful plants .....

Students will learn :-
What is Hydroponics? Planting
The History of Hydroponics Prepare the water container
Advantages of Hydroponcs Watering your Plants
What is Cocopeat? Using your gardening Tool
How to Prepare your Hydrolab Caring for your Plants
Prepare Cocopeat Gardening Tips

Base Syringe & Tubing
Bottle and top 250 grams of cocopeat
Trays pH  paper
Panels pH scale
Thick Wick Plastic tool
Disc with hole 2 growth markers
Disc without hole Instructions Manual
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