Copenhagen Blue Glowing Globe 30cm dia

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 Copenhagen Blue Glowing Globe

# A Globe that GLOWS - This amazing piece of learning comes with an astounding feature, ability to glow. The globe comes with a bulb fitted in the centre so that it is illuminated when connected to a plug. making it more beautiful, colourful and enticing source of knowledge

# Attractive & Accurate - This Globe comes with 4000+ locations of the world, and when it illuminates, it shows so many more colours on it which self-explains the rich variety of nature. Also, the product is so Accurate that it has been certified by Survey of India

# OFFICE & HOME - Because of its eye-catchy design and beauty, this globe looks great as a decorative at home as well as a sophisticated source of knowledge on the office table

# Quick & fast source of Knowledge - Its an undoubted fact that we learn better from picture or visual references than just reading. The globe tells us about the land forms and various countries and their accurate locations. So next time you planning holidays, you will know exactly where to go

# Best in QUALITY , 100% SAFE - Keeping in mind that this globe can be used by almost every human of every age group, this globe is safe and the quality of plastic or graphics is the best one can have



Product Satisfaction Guaranteed           Best Quality Assured


Product Specification
Size 30 cm dia
Size (Packed) 32 x 34 x 33 cm
Weight 1.810 kg
Please Note The weight mentioned above is approximate
General Specification
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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