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IR-VR Sensor Robo Car - DIY

Product Code: TN-RT 20011 C
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Price: Rs. 1,749 Rs. 1,489

IR-VR Sensor Robo Car - DIY

This robotic chassis is a base model of a wheel based Non Programmable robot. This chassis can be used to mount different attachments like sensors in the advanced versions. In its basic form it uses a set of wheels driven by motors and gears where the to and fro motion is controlled by a set of Infrared sensors.

Product Specification
Concept IR Sensors
Size 23 x 16.5 x 05 cm.
Size (Packed) 24 x 17.5 x 06 cm.
Weight 385 gm.
Please Note All the sizes and weights mentioned above are approximate
General Specification
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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