Skull Model Painted with Cervical Vertebrae

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Skull Model Painted with Cervical Vertebrae

•  Life size     • Made of PVC
•  Dissectable in 3 parts
•  It shows cervical vertebrae, cervical nerves, vertebral arteries, basilar artery.
•  All of the joints, sutures, fissures, foramina and processes are portrayed with utmost accuracy.
•  All the bones are depicted in different colours.
•  Bonnet can be removed, Mandible is movable, Teeth are separately installed.
•  Mounted on a stand with plastic base.
•  Key card / Manual provided.

Product Specification
Size 22 x 33 x 15.5 cm
Waterproof / Water resistant Yes
Size (Packed) 23.5 x 34.5 x 17
Washable Yes
Durability Yes
Weight 1.35 kg
Please Note All the sizes and weights mentioned above are approximate
General Specification
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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