Unisex Torso 23 parts 85 CM

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Unisex Torso 23 parts 85CM

•  Size: 33.5” tall (85cm), Made of PVC plastic.
•  Features an exposed spine with removable vertebra and spinal cord segments.
•  Interchangeable male and female genitalia.
•  The female organs include a fetus in the womb.
•  Dissectible into 23 parts: torso, female breast plate, head, eyeball, brain, vertebra spinal nerves, lung (2 parts), heart (2 parts), liver, kidney, stomach (2 parts), intestines (4 parts), male genitalia (2 parts), female genitalia with fetus (3 parts).
•  Mounted on a plastic base.

Product Specification
Size 92 x 44 x 37 cm
Waterproof / Water resistant Yes
Size (Packed) 93 x 48 x 39 cm
Washable Yes
Durability Yes
Weight 8.5 kg.
Please Note All the sizes and weights mentioned above are approximate
General Specification
Publishers N. C. Kansil & Sons - Mfrs. of Educational Teaching Aids
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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