Tamil Nadu with Districts

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 Tamilnadu with districts map
                                                   for Practice

High on Quality:

  • Printed on White Paper unlike any other in the market which are printed on Grey Papers.
  • ‚ÄčWhite colour also enables students to fill in different regions marked by them with different colours which can only look good if the paper below is white
  • The great quality of paper enable them to erase and redo their work as the ordinary maps tear away with a single erase attempt
  • Good quality printing ensures that the boundaries mentioned are always there and does not fade away with use.

Perfect Size:

Printed on a paper size of 27 x 22 CM (which is little bigger in size than what we usually see on the market) makes it distinctive and easy to mark annotations which are near to each other.

Internationally Accepted two Colours:


  1. Black for International Borders
  2. Blue for Sea Coasts


"A must have product for all the school students"


Purchase of 1 Quantity above entitles you to purchase of 1 pad which contains 100 sheets of map.
The Watermark mentioned in the product image will not be present in the actual product

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