Transparent Acrylic Figures

Product Code: ML05
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Transparent Acrylic


Item Code :- ML05


Product Specification

These Transparent solid figures are big in size and can be used to demonstrate whole class.

This set consists cube (Holes on two vertexes, to insert wire to show diagonal 3D figures), Cuboid, Cone (Hole on top to insert wire to show difference between slant height and lateral height), Cylinder and 2 Hemispheres.

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Product Specification
Material Used
Size 46 x 30 x 12 cm
Waterproof / Water resistant Yes
Size (Packed) 47 x 31 x 13 cm
Washable Yes
Durability Yes
Weight 1.225 kg
Please Note All the sizes and weights mentioned above are approximate
General Specification
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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