Circuit Learning Kit

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Vision Learning Kit


Welcome to the world of electricity! Specially designed kit to learn, play and have fun safely with basic electric circuits. Assemble more than 24 different and fascinating circuits for motor, buzzer, lights and other circuits. Make alarm and games, and even invent your own circuits. Additional fun applications of circuits are explained in manual. Batteries required.


The Circuit Learning kit is designed for the child to learn, play, and have fun safely, with the basic electric circuits.
Working with this kit, the child will discover how electric circuits are made, what makes a light go on and off, how different types of electric circuits are connected to a circuit and also some theory about electricity.


  • Contents Activities Topics
    Circuit Board How To Make Circuits
    Battery Holder Light Bulbs
    Buzzer Electric Puzzles
    Motor And Pulley Flashing Light
    Motor Support Make An Alarm
    Wires Invent You Own Circuits
    Electrodes Run A Motor
    Spring and Caps And Other Exciting Activities
    Instructions Manual  
    Illustrations Manual  


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