Solar Power Learning Kit

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Solar power153 Activities

150 Challenging Experiments. Convert solar energy. Build a solar electric generator, motor, water heater, furnace, thermometer, crane and solar energy mobiles. Unique experiments with colour optics, electroplating, stroboscopes, thermodynamics and Moire patterns

Activity Topics

Temperature - Heat Solar Furnace
Expansion - Contraction Evaporation - Condensation
Light Rays Solar Motion and Sun Dials
The colour of Light Solar Flares
Concentrated Infra-red Water Heaters
Mirrors Silicon solar Cells
How to construct your Galvanometer Natural Solar Energy Exploitation

Airplane cut-out sheets Motor
Balloons Parabolic Reflector
Candle pH Paper
Cellophane Sheets Pulley
Crane arm Propeller
Diode Resisitor
Electrodes Solar Cells
Galvanometer Set Steel Rod
Heat Absorber Bag Test Tube
Mirror Test Tube Holder - Metal
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