My Senses Learning Kit

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My Senses
Touch It - Hear It - See It - Taste It - Smell It
This kit is part of our Body Awareness Science Series, exploring the five senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch. Perform over 50 fascinating experiments. Use a genuine stethoscope, make a telescope with real lenses and create rainbows with a prism. Prepare perfume and stink bombs with chemistry lab equipment. Learn how toread and send messages in Braille. Also includes manyactivities suitable for party games.
  • Explore You Senses
  • Read Braille 
  • Explore Lenses And Prisms
  • Make Perfume And Stink Bombs
  • Make Popsicles
  • Listen With Stethoscope


Make a Stink Bomb Read and write in Braille
Make your own Perfume See how sound vibrates
Make Scented Oils Make a simple telephone
Make sniff Patches Listen to your heart with a genuine stethoscope
Discover the 5 basic tastes Make a hearing aid
Check if food is sour Why are two eyes better than one
Do taste buds react to temperature? Jumping images
Make a model of your mouth and tongue Which is your dominant eye?
Confuse your sense of touch Check where the thunderstorm is
Hold one marble - feel two Find your blind spot
Learn how to take your Pulse Make a telescope
Test Tube Stand Cotton Buds
Tweezers Prism
Test Tubes With Stoppers Labels
Wide Rubber Band Eye Dropper
Plastic Base Color-blind
Piece Puzzle Funnel
Containers With Lids Cut-out of mouth and tongue
Modelling Clay Filter Paper
Stethoscope Touth bag with 10 items
Lenses Plastic card Holder
Measuring Spoon Magnifying glass
Glass Marbles Printed Cards
Gelatin 25 ccs MY SENSES BOOK

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