Giant Eye Model

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Giant Eye Model


  • Size : 15.5cm.6 times enlarged Model.
  • Mounted on a plastic stand.
  • The model is made of PVC.
  • The different parts of the eyeball model are detachable.
  • Tunica external : showing cornea & sclera with attachments of ocular muscles and optic nerve.
  • Tunica media : showing the iris, the ciliary body and the choroid.
  • Tunica internal is retina.
  • Refraction media : showing the lens and the vitreous body.



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Product Specification
Material Used
Size 17 x 16 x 17 cm
Waterproof / Water resistant
Size (Packed) 18 x 17 x 18 cm
Durability Yes
Weight 1.140 kg
Please Note All the sizes and weights mentioned above are approximate
General Specification
Publishers N. C. Kansil & Sons - Mfrs. of Educational Teaching Aids
Packaging Very strong to ensure damage free delivery

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